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November 2016

Workshop : Hyperhings- IBM Joint workshop on IBM Watson's cognitive Insights from IoT data

Hyperthings successfully participated in the developers meet alongside Intel and IBM. We fabulously worked in tandem with IBM and Intel to showcase our expertise as Systems integrators in the IoT Space. Using Intel’s (Dell) gateway & IBM Bluemix platform, Hyperthings showcased a live Air Quality Monitoring solution and Energy Management Solution setup to the attendees and explained the development and integration steps to the developer community. We displayed our hands on expertise on Middleware and Integration. The weather station board helped gauge the parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rain gauge.

Hyperthings solution is developing similar solutions with Intel Gateway and on IBM Bluemix Platform. We are among the few companies that excel at all Connected Product/solution components, with expertise on Embedded Devices, Firmware, Cloud and Mobility under single roof.

September 2016

Industrial Internet of Things “ IoT ” Congress, Ritz Carlton, Bangalore.

The event flocked industry experts in the areas of control, communications, industrial robot, industrial cloud, smart sensors and actuators, informatics, mobile computing, and security. The event addressed the opportunity for IoT in an industrial setting.

Hyperthings showcased their expertise in the IoT world by displaying their competency across smart solutions. We have industrial IoT solutions for heavy industries such as Manufacturing, Logistics, Mining & Agriculture. We presented our role play in Industrial 4.0 revolution and how it can be transformed into reality with the digitalization and interconnection of products/machines.OurM2M integration competencies perceived special attention from every delegate at our booth.

Hyperthings Industrial IoT solutions offer:

  • Business Operations with Secured Governance
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Industrial Analytics
  • Sensor Driven Applications & Operations

Our wide range of solutions vary from Energy Management Systems, Solar Remote Monitoring, Telecom Tower monitoring to healthcare help position us as a pioneer in the IoT community. We have solutions that help automate key processes in the value chain. Our solutions combine the ubiquitous connection of people, things and machines. The Seamless link between virtual world and the physical objects are our core strengths enabling smart Solutions for the better future.

March 2016

HyperThings Exemplary Display @ IoTx - Dubai World Trade Centre.

HyperThings had a classic display @ IoTx 2016, Dubai. Hyperthings showcased its products and solutions and launched its Healthcare remote monitoring solution at the event.

Our Solutions in the Healthcare, Energy, Product Engineering & Industrial IoT domain were the hot topic of discussion among the delegates present at the show, impressing one & all.

HyperThings announced the launch of it’s IoT enabled Healthcare and Remote monitoring Solution. With the combination of cutting edge cloud technology, our live demos exemplified how devices seamlessly interacted with each other to gather, store, and process data. HyperThings provides healthcare solutions for hospitals, health care providers and consumers to enhance the healthcare experience and make it more effective and affordable. Our solutions include telemedicine, inpatient and home care solutions and patient data and alert management solutions.

The presentation by our CEO “Monetizing the Internet of things" at the Marketplace event emphasized our consulting and design capabilities in helping clients monetize IoT by adopting a service oriented framework. The speech threw light on how connected devices compounding YOY is expected to 3-fold in a decade drawing attention on the 4 distinct emerging monetization models. (Hardware premium, service revenue, data revenue and ecosystem building). Our CEO threw open the real picture of how proportions of revenue from hardware devices was declining, whereas revenues from services was rising. The speech summarized the pricing model ranging from one time charges to subscription based and pay as you go.

Jan 2016

HyperThings- IoT exemplary display @ IEW event Bangalore, India.

HyperThings successfully participated @ Indian Electronics Week (IEW) in Bangalore, India. HyperThings adopts platform/ device agnostic approach building end to end solutions for IoT with Innovation to the core. HyperThings offers: IoT Consulting, IoT Products and Modules, IoT Industry Solutions, Cloud & Analytical Solutions and Product Engineering. HyperThings created a lot of interest from visitors through live demos conceptualizing the complete IoT Solutions for Smart Home, Smart Health, Smart Agriculture, Smart City and Smart Energy.


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Be the organization which develops a solution and makes open doors for more straightforward combination between the physical world and virtual world, and bringing about enhanced effectiveness, precision and monetary advantage for different verticals.

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