Hardware Products

Energy Meters

Energy meters provide the user with features required to monitor and measure electrical parameters like Current, Voltage, and Frequency.

• Fully complied with IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee standard
• Electricity usage data and other indicator information collection
• < 1% Wh accuracy
• Isolated RS-485 interface



IoT Sensor Kit

IoT Starter Kit enables the fast and cost-effective creation of industrial grade IoT solutions. All the components and expertise you will need to develop your IoT solutions, equip them with sensors, configure the hardware, and begin visualizing your data. Get started with a combination of local intelligence and a public cloud environment for visualization. Hyperthings will help with a private cloud installation for full-scale deployment.



Sigfox Device

Automated meter reader that can take readings from Electricity, Gas, Water, Heat, Solar & Other Renewable sectors.

• Wireless transmission over SIGFOX network: 868 MHz for Europe
• Built-in option for energy harvesting solutions



Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Simple and robust sensor solution to monitor and document the climate in productions, buildings or even outside. The sensor sends data
directly to a cloud based server through the global network provider Sigfox.

• Monitoring parameters: Temperature and Humidity (% RH)
• Tolerances: ±0,3 °C and ±2%
• Network: Sigfox
• Operational temperature: -30 to 60 degrees Celsius
• Battery lifetime: Up to 10 years



ZigBee Converter

The RS-485 / ZigBee Converter can transform signal between wired RS-485 and wireless ZigBee.

• Bidirectional structure, signals can be transferred between ZigBee and RS-485.
• Supports different communication baud rate.
• Waterproof design for outdoor applications.
• Compact size and easy to install.



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