Msheireb Downtown, Doha Smart Air Quality Monitoring solution

Msheireb Downtown, Doha Smart Air Quality Monitoring solution


Msheireb Downtown wanted to monitor their township’s environmental condition as part of their smart township mission. With the help of HyperThings Smart IoT based smart air quality monitoring solution, they were able to observe their township’s health in real-time from anywhere. The collected data was also showcased through web widgets in their township’s elevator screens as well.

The Problem

The city’s vision was to provide quality infrastructure, quality living, and enhanced economy to its citizens. To achieve the smart Township’s vision, Msheireb Downtown needed to track the pollution emission in the township to be able to control it. The authorities wanted to make people aware of the city’s environmental health. The major problem in environmental monitoring is real-time data capturing and assessment for taking immediate steps.

The Solution

HyperThings provided Smart IoT based air quality monitoring solution for real-time environmental monitoring throughout the city. The plug and play solution was installed on the outdoor light poles to collect air samples. Pollutants such as PM2.5, PM10, CO2, CO, SO2, NO, NO2, O3, along with temperature and humidity were measured across the Town ship. The data was analyzed on the web Terminal, which was capable to generate data trends and reports. The heat maps and dispersion plumes can help in determining the source of origin of each pollutant. Identifying the sources can make the rectification process much easier by taking corrective actions in the particular region. The results were communicated through the Township’s official website/application to the citizens to aware them of the pollutants present in their township’s ambient air.

Solution Deployment

HyperThings deployed 5 Smart Air Quality monitoring devices at strategic locations after doing a site survey and taking into considerations and requitements of Msheireb Downtown. The installation and the fabrications of mounting brackets were done taking into consideration the aesthetics of the poles and the overall look and feel of the device to blend in the background.


Installing Smart IoT based air quality monitoring solution for city monitoring helped Msheireb Downtown’s authorities to analyze the impact of the pollution in real-time. The trend analysis helped them to identify the prime sources of air pollution, which could assist the concerned departments in taking data-driven corrective actions against it. The solution provided new environmental insights and actionable information.

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