Industrial IoT

HyperThings aims to create networks that are tailored to asset heavy industries such as Manufacturing, Logistics, and Mining & Agriculture. We are making sensor solutions and data solutions to cater to various industry verticals to help gather critical industrial data and thereby enable timely decision making and response. Hyperthings Industrial platform provides plug and play connectivity between industrial machinery and cloud platform and enterprise applications.

We make the companies use our Industrial IoT Solutions for :                                              

  • Increase their revenues with a very minimal cost of production.
  • Make use of intelligent technologies for innovation and transform their workforce.
  • Achieve significant business growth by adding our Industrial IoT innovations.

Our Solutions offers:

  • Asset Performance Management
  • Asset Surveillance and Control
  • Energy Management
  • Employee Tracking & Safety

Our IP relies with Middle ware stack with multi-device, multi-connectivity for plug and play connectivity, aggregating a large library of device drivers and supporting edge and distributed computing architecture. IOT Platform level device management, control and visualization of different industrial assets.


Our Vision

Be the organization which develops a solution and makes open doors for more straightforward combination between the physical world and virtual world, and bringing about enhanced effectiveness, precision and monetary advantage for different verticals.

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