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Hyperthings IoT Platform

Hyperthings IoT platform is a powerful, enterprise-grade Platform for connecting ,manage, analysis your device and cloud service. You can connect any “Things” using any using any protocol over any network with a powerful connectivity and management capabilities, support for container-based apps and Advance analytics and scalable deployment options

Hyperthings IOT platform offers integration of various IOT solutions, data storage and advanced analytics with easily scalable architecture and inbuilt device management capabilities. It is an intelligent system which can learn processes and adapt itself to changing technological environments. Hyperthings supports for Cloud / on premises deployment and SaaS model.

Hyperthings IoT Platform provides a self-service access to analytics and Machine leraning for the business user as well as full developer tools.

Hyperthings IoT Platform Architecture

Platform Key Features

  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • Multi-protocol support
  • Hardware Agnostic IoT Platform
  • Device Management
  • Data monitoring & Visualization
  • Analytics, AI, Predictive & other tools
  • Rapid enterprise application integration
  • Security

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Manage all your customers together on one platform with secure data segregation.

Onboard end customers using UI templates or REST API and report on their usage statistics.

Rapidly develop applications for your customers from prepackaged solutions.

Multi-Protocol Support

Hyperthings IoT Platform will support IoT/IIoT Data protocols such as :

Our platform provide a solution to help streamline the management of devices connected over heterogeneous networks such as:
NB-IOT, LoRa, Sigfox, 2G/3G/4G/5G, Ethernet , Wifi

Our platform supports the Industrial IoT (IIoT) protocols such as:
OPC UA, OSI PI, BACnet , ModBus , Profibus and CAN bus

Device Management

Using our device management service, you can perform fault management, software management, configuration management, alarm management and monitoring the performance of the device. Our device management includes bulk registration, bulk update schedule and rules.

Data monitoring & Visualization

Our Platform allows to create dashboards, control panels, customized brand styles and URLs

With these dashboards you can monitor, Analyze anomalies and alerts and interact with your device. You can even extend or customize the user experience using a rich set of APIs

Analytics, AI, Predictive

Our Platform offers sophisticated analytics tools including machine learning techniques and streaming analytics capabilities to extract actionable insights from IoT data

Analytics for anomaly detection,perdictive maintenance, prescriptive controls are designed for domain experts and templates and models across many industries..

Advanced analytics application creation using Python or R and deployment in cloud, at edge or standalone

Analytics & Big Data Engine

Data Lake: Data Lake is a storage location used to preserve both structured and unstructured data of the enterprise. Other systems utilize data lake for analytics and insight generation.

Data Warehouse: Stores processed data from data lake to be utilized by Business Intelligence Tools and other systems

Serving database: Stores metadata and any use case specific data

Event Processor: Analyze and process live data streams at low latency

ETL/ELT Tools: ETL/ELT tools allows to combine data from multiple sources into a desirable format. This tool is required for data transformation jobs and for integration with external data/systems

BI Tool: This application allows to retrieve, analyze, transform and report data for business intelligence

Query Engine: Query engine allows to perform ad-hoc queries on data from multiple systems like database, data lake and data warehouse.

Advanced Analytics: Advanced Analytics leverages existing data from the storage layer and current data from the data processing layer to train and detect anomalies

Enterprise Application Integration

Our Platforms enable independently designed applications, apps and service to work to together.

Integrate device data with enterprise apps, cloud apps, bigdata apps, data lakes and 3rd party systems

API management:

With end-to-end full lifecycle API management, you can manage the entire API Provisioning process, including the design, development and secure exposure of APIs to developers and partners to monetize your data


Your security, privacy and data ownership matters.

Our Platform provide immediate and high accurate device profiling, so you can know exactly what types of device are connected or trying to connect to our platform.

Our Platform combines the most accurate device profiling with continuous monitoring and behavioural anomaly detection, providing real-time scoring of the trustworthiness of each device and alerting of any vulnerable devices

Our Vision

Be the organization which develops a solution and makes open doors for more straightforward combination between the physical world and virtual world, and bringing about enhanced effectiveness, precision and monetary advantage for different verticals.

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