M2M Integration

Our solutions are designed to make it easier to automate processes and business expansion, increase productivity and reduce costs while improving customer service and the quality of life.

Managed Connectivity

Enabling the automation of the communication process between machines anytime, anywhere, thus significantly improving productivity and providing real-time information about the status of the communications, which can notably reduce costs if problems are detected. A web-based platform that provides visualization, monitoring, and control through tools that are easy to handle and integrate into your systems.

Connected Cars

Driver and passenger oriented solutions designed to imprtake ove the efficiency, safety, and experience inside the car. Our connected car aftermarket solution offers 24h connectivity allowing customers without factory installed telematics to enjoy telematics services. The easily installed device increases the drivers’ knowledge of their car’s health status while it locates your car and takes care of your beloved ones.

Smart Utilities

Solutions We tackle this multiple scenarios environment by offering modular and flexible solutions to fulfill Smart Utilities’ requirements and specifications (both local and global) leveraging our global assets in communications, network management, and industry know-how and partnering with top-industry players to shorten time-to-market and bring clients closer.

Our Vision

Be the organization which develops a solution and makes open doors for more straightforward combination between the physical world and virtual world, and bringing about enhanced effectiveness, precision and monetary advantage for different verticals.

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