Energy Management

Energy management systems are used to monitor, measure, and control electrical building loads. Systems can be used to centrally control devices like HVAC units and lighting systems across multiple locations, such as IT Buildings, Retail, and Restaurant sites. Energy management systems can also provide metering, submetering, and monitoring functions that allow facility and building managers to gather data and insight that allows them to make more informed decisions about energy activities across their sites.

E-Metering: Monitor energy consumption of individual assets (HVAC, Lighting, UPS, DG ) in the building and do the optimization.

Data Center Monitoring: Monitoring the individual Server rack temperature, Humidity, Sulphur, CO2 level, water leakage detection and same data will be shown on the centralized server. In case the temperature/CO2/Humidity goes high/Low, System will notify (SMS/e-mail) to the concerned person to take the action. In Addition, to that, we can integrate with Server Monitoring Application , Access control, and Security cameras.

Wireless Occupancy Sensor: Sensor will detect the human being presence and switch ON/OFF the lights and also send the information to the server. So that facility managers can analyze the occupancy pattern.

VFD Control: Sensor will detect the human being presence and transmit to the centralized server. The Server will analyze the occupancy pattern and gives the command to the wireless controller to speed UP/Down the VFD.

Both the solutions can be used IT and Non-IT and buildings and save the energy up to 20%.

Meeting Room Solution: Solution will shows which meeting room is occupied/unoccupied.

Chiller Monitoring: Monitor the chiller parameters remotely and Analyze the chiller behavior and remotely change the configuration. This will help OEM to improve their product.

Air Quality Monitoring / Environmental Monitoring: Most of the buildings air quality is not being monitored and this will cause the employee health. So our smart devices (Temperature, CO2, etc.) will monitor the Air quality inside and outside building and gives the alert to the facility team to take the corrective action.

UPS & Battery Monitoring: Monitoring the UPS parameters like Voltage, Current, Backup time, etc.. And also battery voltage and Cell level monitoring.

AHU Monitoring and Control: Facility team have to visit each floor and each AHU room to switch ON/OFF the AHU. Our solution will provide the remote AHU ON/OFF or facility team can schedule the ON time and OFF of AHU and the same thing will be monitored.

Diesel Generator Monitoring: System will monitor the DG parameters like Energy, Alarm, Engine Oil, Fuel level and also customer switch ON/OFF of the DG.

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