Healthcare Monitoring

Preventive & Personalized Health Care Solutions for Home Care, Old Age & Chronic Patients

HyperThings provides healthcare solutions for hospitals, healthcare providers, and consumers to enhance the healthcare experience and make it more effective and affordable.

Our solutions include telemedicine, inpatient and home care solutions and patient data and alert management solutions. Our Healthcare IoT platform collects data with smart devices, stores, and analyses data on the cloud platform and provides personalized services for patients with our mobile apps.

We Target:

Chronic patients

Antenatal care

Homecare patients

Remote care for old age patients

We Offer:

Devices:  Log, share your medical data and let doctors do the analysis

Hospitals: Alert management and post diagnosis care for old age, chronic and home care patients

In patient solutions for Hospitals which works with your existing infrastructure and integrated to your core healthcare platform

Patients: Your healthcare data with you.  Track and report your data.  Personalized tips and recommendations based on our smart recommendation engine

Mobile based personal health management application

Web based portal which works on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers

Our Vision

Be the organization which develops a solution and makes open doors for more straightforward combination between the physical world and virtual world, and bringing about enhanced effectiveness, precision and monetary advantage for different verticals.

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