About Us

About us

HyperThings™ is an innovative provider of “Internet of Things” based products and solutions for Smart City and Industrial domains with the core focus on LPWAN based connectivity. The company aspires to be a player in packaged data-driven IoT solutions space which can be quickly deployed and are pre-built for plug and play OEM connectivity. Provides connected IoT Products & Solutions utilizing our plug and play, multi-device, and multi-connectivity based proprietary middleware bundled with advanced data management and Machine learning running both on the edge and the cloud

At HyperThings we provide IoT Consulting, IoT Products and Modules, IoT Industry Solutions, Cloud and Analytics solutions and Product Engineering. We are focused on Design, Implementation, and deployment of advanced IoT solutions, from hardware devices equipped with adequate sensors and communication interfaces to cloud-based core functionality as well as client web and mobile applications.

We understand the broader business needs and environment of our clients and leverage our combined knowledge of business, technology, processes and global delivery expertise to offer customized solutions for our customers.

our vision

Be the organization which develops solutions and opens door for combining the physical and virtual world, and helps in bringing tangible and intangible benefits for various verticals.

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