Product Engineering

Product Engineering

We work with manufacturing companies as diverse as luggage manufacturers to vending machine manufacturers to toy manufacturers to IoTise products thereby providing real time data and connectivity. We custom design solutions based on customer profiles of products and leveraging our wide spectrum of technology options to create the right product fit.

Smart Component

Hardware and software that give products a virtual identity, including sensors and processors, data storage, controls, and software. The software is typically embedded in an operating system and accessed through an enhanced user interface or via a remote dashboard or simple app.


Ports, Antenna and software protocols enabling a wired or wireless connection with the product whatever its situation: installed, in a workflow, in the hands of a customer or at a customer site.

Physical Component

Physical and electrical parts of a product. Changes in the design of an established product and its physical & electrical parts focus on the incremental use of new materials, components or the processes involved in its manufacture.
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