Knower.AI Platform

Knower.AI is a platform that is lightweight, pocket friendly, feature rich, easily scalable and deployable with built-in features that best suits the data from across business domain for successful data pipeline set up tailored to modern days privacy and security standard.
It is designed to scale your next level of decision process and to create emphasis on data management, process management, self-healing scripts.
Available use cases can be utilized as an Analytical Framework, Data store is designed to mobilize the data into pre-canned algorithm or Data as a Service so it can be utilized to analyze as per user’s requirement.
• The platform is Application agnostic
• The platform is Segment agnostic
• It will be cloud agnostic soon
The Platform is designed to ease the Application team pain and based on 3 Segments – Acquire, Process & Deliver.
Each segment is independent to each other, so anytime any third party can rent any of the segment or can utilize the whole gamut once they have data service in place.
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