Smart City

Smart City

Smart city solutions will make cities of future safer and more efficient. We are focusing on a diverse set of solutions from Smart Energy, Parking, Light, Solar Plant and Waste Management. Our aim is to be an integration player working with different partners integrating and providing unified solutions that work and provide cloud-based data management and visualization.

HyperThingsSmart Cities platform enables the efficient and intelligent use of public resources. Pioneering the Open city platform model allowing democratic allocation and usage of resources by service providers thereby channeling revenue by monetization of services delivery. Citizen-centric approach with the focus on customer experience and keeping it connectivity and device agnostic.

Our IP relies with Smart city platform with proprietary LPWAN based Middle ware supporting edge computing and platform level billing and monetization layers.

Solutions available :

Smart Building
Smart Lighting
Smart Parking
Smart Waste Management
Smart Air Quality Monitoring
Smart Security & Surveillance
Feedback Management

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