Hyperthings IOT platform offers integration of various IoT solutions, data storage, and advanced analytics with easily scalable architecture and inbuilt device management capabilities. It is an intelligent system that can learn processes and adapt itself to changing technological environments. Hyperthings supports Cloud / on-premises deployment and SaaS model.

The IoT platform exists independently between the hardware and the application layers of the IoT technology stack. The ideal platform will integrate with any connected device and blend in with device applications, and enable the implementation of IoT features and functions into any device in the same way.

The IoT platform easily connects devices and sensors and enables connections to related information systems and operational assets, delivering more comprehensive business value than a do-it-yourself platform.

As more well-established enterprises are following the lead of the startups in the IoT, scalability is also critical. Ready-built IoT platforms can scale to meet the needs of any company and easily accommodate continual growth and change.

HyperThings Industrial IOT
HyperThings Smart City IOT


Multi-protocol support (MQTT, FTP, TCP, HTTP, OPC, etc.)
Plug and Play solutions for various domains with minimal effort.
Flexible Architecture
Platform provides secured user access through role based access control and the data transfer is completely encrypted.
Rules and Notifications
Device Management
Integration with 3rd party systems
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