HyperThings provides industry-specific solutions covering Smart City and Industrial IoT with specific use-cases in mind. Interoperability lies at the heart of everything we do and we aim to be the organization that develops solutions to provide more straightforward interaction between the physical and virtual world.

Smart Industry

Our Industrial platform and solutions aim to make IOT plug and play for industrial customers. We provide multi- device, multi – connectivity middle ware for plug and play connectivity, aggregating a large library of device drivers and supporting distributed computing architecture. Solution includes
Virtual Metering & Gas Lift Optimization
Predictive Maintenance
Digital Twin
Asset Tracking
Employee Tracking & Safety

Smart City

IOT based data driven solutions for the Smart city. Pioneering the Open city platform model allowing democratic allocation and usage of resources by service providers thereby channeling revenue by monetization of services delivery. Citizen centric approach with focus on customer experience and keeping it connectivity and device agnostic. Solution includes,
Smart Building
Smart Lighting
Smart Parking
Smart Waste Management
Smart Air Quality Monitoring
Smart Security & Surveillance
Feedback Management

Energy & Utilities

HyperThings provides Smart Energy solutions across areas of Smart Grid, Smart metering, and smart home Energy management. The introduction of smart grids, smart meters, and new ways of generating and transporting energy are being driven by the IoT. It enables smart utility services where energy, gas and water use are being monitored and proactively managed for waste reduction, conservation, and sustainability. We also provide connected hardware for optimizing electricity and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) usage. Our solutions offer energy savings by providing better management with real time insights and data.
Smart Metering
Energy Management
Smart Water management
Solar Monitoring
Pani Energy ( use solution name instead)

Transport & Logistics

As more and more vehicles and assets become connected to the cloud, the IoT ecosystem surrounding shipping, logistics and transportation is growing in size and sophistication. The potential for all the resulting data is just beginning to be realized.Beyond operational efficiency, IoT technologies allow fleet owners to achieve higher standards of sustainability and corporate responsibility. HyerThing’s platform offers the below solutions that will not only enable cost saving but will also improve workflow and customer satisfaction.
Smart Container Monitoring
Cold Chain Monitoring
Fleet Tracking
Smart Parking

Smart Agriculture

HyperThings focus on Smart Agriculture is primarily on the two key areas i.e., Irrigation and Animal tracking & wellbeing. Our solution gives a farmer real time information for daily monitoring even in isolated locations along with soil, micro weather and water data from multiple location.Our solution for tracking animal movements and health are offered with intelligent ear tag and sensors which can be put in the animal bolus monitors the activity of each animal to deliver health and heat alerts to prevent, detect and treat animal health issues. The sensors also let you track the location 24 hours a day
Smart Agriculture
Animal Tracking
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